Eric Gallandt

My research program at the University of Maine focuses on managing weeds in organic farming systems, with a particular emphasis on the ecology and population dynamics of annual weeds.  Our research projects address a range of questions from the more theoretical, “does soil quality affect seed persistence,” to the applied, “can flame weeding kill weed seeds.”

My aim with this research blog is to share our experiences from some of our applied projects.


5 thoughts on “Eric Gallandt

  1. Eric–
    We enjoyed seeing the Weedmaster, and greatly appreciate the trip made down to southern Maine. I was looking for the website for the company that makes the tool, with that video of other tools that are made by them… the prone bicycle-powered weeder?
    We would love to try-out the Weedmaster… I’m very excited about it.
    Also, I want to again express my appreciation and support for the kind of research publication that the blog serves. I hope that others in this field will follow your example. Any other Blog-posted research that might be of interest?
    Thanks again.
    John Bliss

  2. Hi — not sure how much this is checked now, but I’ve recently watched the “weedmaster” videos and am inspired to fashion something like this in my own system (which is a tool bar attached to the front of a “Drangan” lay-down work machine, from Sweden). But, I’m wondering where one could reasonably get the finger weeder components themselves (I wouldn’t need the whole rig). Any ideas? Just looking for the finger weeders.

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